Contact Lens Varieties

While no single type of contact lens is right for everybody, there are certain characteristics of various lenses which match up rather well with their intended use.

For example, for those who desire something quick and simple for special occasions, for a weekly softball or basketball game or for a round of golf, single-use lenses do wonders. There are no solutions to hassle with and when you're done with your "event" you simply throw them away! Single-use, or "one-day" lenses are now even more lovable because they can fix astigmatism blur (toric) and can help you see both far and near (multi-focal) for those who need readers.

For those who intend to wear lenses as their primary means of correction, here are some programs we've found to work extremely well...

Daily Disposable Program
We've mentioned these before! Because of their ease of use, the fact that they never come in contact with the chemicals in any contact lens solutions (which eventually end up in your eyes) and their amazing safety profile, daily disposables are the single best way of wearing contacts... period! And they can correct that pesky astigmatism or see up close for the slightly older set. In a nutshell, they can keep all your best enjoyments alive and well.

Planned Replacement Program
This is a program designed to provide a safe, convenient and carefree contact lens experience. It's an excellent way to insure long-term patient success. This program utilizes extremely comfortable lenses that are reused for a time and then discarded before contamination or deposit buildup can occur. Contamination and deposits are the leading causes of discomfort, infection and even blindness among contact lens wearers. The Planned Replacement Program offers total contact lens care continuously for as long as the lenses are worn. The lenses themselves are replaced on a prescribed replacement schedule, most typically monthly, but sometimes biweekly or quarterly, depending on the situation. Longer wear periods utilize lenses less prone to deposits.

Overnight Lens Program
Lens materials have now been developed which have revolutionized the wearing of contact lenses. Once thought only a pipe dream, some contacts are now so "breathable" that oxygen flows to the eyes as though no lens was present at all! And it's that oxygen that every cornea needs to stay healthy and normal. This development has made it possible for lenses to stay on overnight with far less danger of complications. What a dramatic step forward! Overnight lenses are changed on a monthly basis to keep the buildup of debris to a minimum. They are extremely comfortable and convenient and have shown excellent results in those who have elected this option.

Gas-Permeable Lenses
This category of lenses has been somewhat overlooked of late. They are a smaller, firmer type of lens with a life expectancy far superior to their "soft" cousins. In addition, the care system they require is generally less costly and the vision they provide is often (but not always) more optically precise. There are even gas-perms that "breathe" so well they can be worn overnight! However, gas-perms tend to be less enjoyable to very active people who compete in sports or who are around dust and dirt because debris can become more readily trapped beneath the lens against the eye and be uncomfortable. Yet for many, gas-permeable lenses give the superior visual result they're looking for.

Tints and Fun Stuff
We like to have fun here! So we love the idea of tints as much as anything in the contact lens field. Whether your natural eyes are light or dark, there are lenses to change your color into almost anything to want to be! And tints come in most of the "planned-replacement" varieties. Our very favorites might be the so-called "costume" lenses with names like "Hypnotica", "Wolf", "Red-Eye" and "White-Out." Many like to wear these occasionally instead of their regular tints just for special effect. If you're interested, call or e-mail us!