Just what is it we do around here anyway? Possibly, more than you think! Of course many folks count on us for glasses and contacts, and getting you to see your best is a primary aim. But then there's that whole issue of how good your eyes feel. Rotten feeling eyes are a bother from the moment you wake up in the morning! So seeing well and feeling good are two sides of the same coin. Take a look below to see what's up for our eyecare services. At our office you'll find all of this and much, much more! And we even promise to throw in the level of care and attention that makes people talk!

What a Good Exam Is... and Isn't

During your visit, you might be pleasantly surprised at the variety of tests we use to assess your "visual wellness." Each takes some time and asks for your help. But we won't keep you curious or guessing - we'll explain how each test is important to your everyday life.

Here you'll receive more than a "test for glasses." Those exams just don't cut it. It's carefulness and thoroughness that are the keys to medically healthy eyes. When you know that the slightest problem will be discovered and dealt with - that's security!

You'll also find us providing options in treating any vision or health concerns. That means you'll get choices. Choices and recommendations. How much better than being told what to do! After all, who can know your needs better than you? Why that kind of treatment? It's because you're important! And we'll act like it.