Measuring Faces and Glasses – with an iPad?!

Annis Optometry Measuring Faces with iPadThe next time you come to our office for eyewear, you might be pleasantly surprised by something brand new we use with you. It's something that will make sure your vision through your new glasses is as perfect as it can be!

The surprise will begin when we pull out an iPad, of all things, to help us determine a whole number of fitting characteristics about your frame as it relates to your face. It is actually a digital method of capturing eyeglass measurements, and it works especially well when teamed with the newest digital lens technology (you can read about that under the "Hi Def" topic).

This optical measuring device is really based on an extremely clever computer program which is able to calculate all the important fitting characteristics that your chosen frame creates when it's on your face. Things like 1) where your eyes fall in relation to the height and width of the frame openings, 2) whether either eye centers a little higher or lower, more inward or outward than the other - we're not as symmetrical as we'd like to believe, 3) how much "wraparound" angle the frame has - wrap puts an angle to the lens and changes its power, and 4) how much the frames tilt toward or away from your cheeks - another tilt that alters the effective lens power in front of you. And if you need a reading area in your glasses, it will even take into account your favorite place to hold your Nook or Kindle... or your own iPad!

When all of these "fitting parameters" are taken into account, we can then tell the lens manufacturing computer just what it needs to do to carve the ideal powers into the lenses for the way they sit in front of your face. Now that's a personalized - and very precise - way to see the world!

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