Maui Jim: Making a Splash!

Annis Optometry Maui Jims Making a Splash!

Make A Splash!

It started years ago on a beach stand in Hawaii and spread worldwide to over 25 countries. Maui Jim sunwear has a loyal following second to none. That's because once you try it, you're a fan forever! It was among Forbes Magazine's "100 Things Worth Every Penny" and Outdoor Magazine's "Gear of the Year," mainly because it gives you everything you'd ever want from your sunwear... and more.

Maui Jims feature lenses like no other. Their color-enhancing lenses let you see vibrantly and with sheer brilliance. So blues are truer. Greens are brighter. Reds more vibrant. They infuse your views with color!

Besides their ability to color-enhance, every Maui lens is polarized to eliminate glare from any flat, smooth or shiny surface for a cleaner, crisper view. Think what that would do for your next trip to the beach, the lake, the mountains or, for that matter, that bright drive to work!

Maui Jims also wipe out 99.9% of glare and block 100% of UV rays. What a way to eliminate eye fatigue and give you the comfort and relaxation you'd appreciate on a long day in the sun! They also perform better for longer with their highly durable CLEARSHELL treatment. And they're a breeze to keep clean, too, with their grease and smudge-repellant treatment. So besides being waterproof to quickly shed water and snow, fingerprints simply wipe away too!

Maui Jims are not available everywhere, so come on in and take a look! We'd love to show you why so many people are hooked on Mauis. We think there's a pretty good chance that once you see for yourself what all the buzz is about, you'll fall in love with them too! You might even become one of those life-long Maui fans who'll never buy anything else!

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