Latisse Lashes

One of the nicest cosmetic discoveries of all time happened several years ago when a newly-formulated eye drop for glaucoma was found to cause the lashes of glaucoma patients to become thicker and longer. Glaucoma patients didn't mind this at all! In fact, said some, why not aim beyond glaucoma? Why not use it to make better lashes for everyone?

Well, the use of bimatoprost for lashes has finally arrived! Latisse, applied as directed, can do some pretty extraordinary things. Natural-looking, longer, thicker lashes are now within reach - and without the frustrations of lash lengtheners or mascara!

Latisse is a potent prescription medication and can only be used under medical supervision, but it is very safe when properly used. Give us a call now to set up your "Latisse appointment" and we'll show you just how easy it is to have the lashes you've always wanted!

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