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About Our Office

In all its amazing complexity, your vision was created to be one of your greatest enjoyments. And how valuable a gift! It's your vision that provides your vital connection to the world. Without it, your world would be a far different place! You'll be pleased to find that, as a friend of our practice, your vision is just as important to us as it is to you.

Your decision to come to our office is a decision based on trust. We hope you'll see how greatly we respect that trust by the level of care we provide you.

Our practice was originated in 1978 by Dr. Tim Mellus in a small building across from the former Douglas Community Hospital (now a professional building) on 130th Avenue. Dr. Dan Dudley bought the practice in 1980 and expanded it to two locations, one in a shared office with a dentist in Fennville and one in the then newly completed Weathervane Shopping Center in Douglas. Dr. Annis bought the practice in 1986. In 1987 he closed the Fennville office to consolidate to a single location in the Weathervane Shopping Center. Since then, our office has been renovated and expanded 2 times, had some pretty incredible diagnostic equipment added, and been blessed with a friendly, competent and highly knowledgeable staff. If you're not yet a part of our practice, Dr. Annis would consider it the highest honor to hear from you soon!

You're in Good Hands

Whether you're a new-comer to the eyecare scene or an "old-timer" with a track record as long as your arm, you'll probably agree that the best exams leave you feeling listened to. Dr. Annis will take the time to make that important connection. Even so, we all know that being understood is only half of the equation. You also want to know you're in good hands - the competent hands of someone who can handle and help you understand your situation.

Dr. Richard C. Annis graduated first in his class from the Illinois College of Optometry of Chicago. He's been nationally recognized for his ability in the contact lens field and has pursued extensive training in children's vision. Although state regulations say he doesn't have to, Dr. Annis spends over 250 hours each year studying new and better ways to care for his patients.

This high level of expertise is enhanced by the very newest in technology. Eye, nerve and vascular disease is detected by photographs, sensitive computers and other high-tech instruments capable of examining areas which, until recently, have not been readily visualized and assessed. It's security to know that our decisions and advice are based on the best that training, technology and experience can offer. The very best - and the very latest - for you.