Meet The Doctor

Meet the Doctor

Dr. Richard C. Annis
Whether you're a new-comer to the eyecare scene or an "old-timer" with a track record as long as your arm, you'll probably agree that the best exams leave you feeling listened to. Dr. Annis will take the time to listen.

But you also want to know you're in good hands - the competent hands of someone who can handle and help you understand your situation.

Dr. Richard C. Annis graduated first in his class from the Illinois College of Optometry of Chicago. He's been nationally recognized for his ability in the contact lens field and has pursued extensive training in children's vision.

Although state regulations say he doesn't have to, Dr. Annis spends over 250 hours each year studying new and better ways to care for his patients. These include many medically-related procedures and treatments patients commonly need.

It's security to know that our decisions and advice are based on the best that training and years of experience can offer. The very best and the very latest - for you.

Dr. Annis grew up in Belmont, Michigan (near Grand Rapids). He attended Rockford High School and graduated with honors. He graduated with honors from Calvin College (Grand Rapids) in 1980. He did his optometry training at Illinois College of Optometry from 1982-86, where he graduated first in his class and received a number of honors, including Michigan Student of the Year, the first time this award was presented to a student attending out-of-state.

He presently holds memberships in the West Michigan Optometric Association (WMOA) and the American Optometric Association (AOA). Dr. Annis married Dianna in 1979 and they are the very proud parents of 3 handsome young men (their looks come from Dianna's side, for which everyone is thankful).

He would enjoy nothing better than getting the chance to introduce you to all the exciting and amazing ways of enriching your vision. He wants it to be a sense that serves you at its best for the rest of your life!