3D: High-Tech or High Terror?

It's the first time you've ever put on the glasses to view a 3D presentation. You're not sure what to expect, but you've heard other people talk. Then you stare in amazement as you're pulled into the scene and become part of the experience! You're living in a virtual world that's happening all around you.…
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Latisse Lashes

One of the nicest cosmetic discoveries of all time happened several years ago when a newly-formulated eye drop for glaucoma was found to cause the lashes of glaucoma patients to become thicker and longer. Glaucoma patients didn't mind this at all! In fact, said some, why not aim beyond glaucoma? Why not use it to…
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Contacts simplified and changing for the better!

Not long ago, life became even easier for our contact lens wearing patients! Contact lens costs have changed for the better, resulting in lower lens costs for virtually everybody. Also, wearers may now choose whether to buy their lenses as they go (our "a la carte" plan) or join our "Comprehensive" plan, where all professional…
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