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The Ultimate Retina Defender!

Which do you want first, the good news or the bad news? How about the bad first... and we'll make it quick. It turns out the vast majority of vision loss happens because of something that goes wrong with the retina. Your retinas are fragile and delicate, yet still charged with the monumental task of…
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Measuring Faces and Glasses – with an iPad?!

The next time you come to our office for eyewear, you might be pleasantly surprised by something brand new we use with you. It's something that will make sure your vision through your new glasses is as perfect as it can be! The surprise will begin when we pull out an iPad, of all things,…
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New High-Definition Lens Technology

Hi-Def (Digital) lenses have never before been possible. In fact, until just lately, the manufacturing of eyewear lenses has remained pretty much the way it was for decades. Sure, the machines have been improved and modernized, but the basic way they go about their work has remained unchanged. Until now! The newest Hi-Def lens technology…
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Genetic Test for Macular Degeneration!

Even though you might not know it, your macula is a very dear place to you. It's the part of your retina you have used for every small detail you have ever seen. Think about it - street signs; books, Nooks and Kindles; TVs and smart phones; the face of the person who calls your…
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